DialPlay TV adds real-time interactive content to television programming

MegaPhone Labs’ flagship product, DialPlay TV, empowers television programmers to create a new type of rich media interactivity on television. For viewers, their phone becomes their controller. DialPlay TV interactivity can be seen and manipulated by 100% of US TV households right now (including broadcast over-the-air).

DialPlay TV consists of dynamic graphic templates which can be embedded in broadcaster or cable programmer content. These dynamic overlays receive input from simple phone calls, mobile web or mobile applications via the MegaPhone Platform, and are updated in realtime. With DialPlay TV enabled content, the interactive magic all happens in the cloud. If the viewer can make a phone call, they can play along.

Call it ‘interactive television’, ‘social television’, or ‘clickable content’. From trivia and political polling on live television, to playing along with sitcoms, dramas, and game shows, DialPlay TV supports interactivity with thousands of simultaneous players.

Why DialPlay TV?

Here at MegaPhone Labs, we believe that programmer integration of interactivity into content will provide a more fulfilling and sticky television experience. In a combination of live and non-live programming, DialPlay TV not only provides measurable engagement, but provides new monetization potential through sponsorship, mobile marketing, and proven ratings lift. Most importantly, nothing is required in a viewer’s home, aside from a TV and a phone.


MegaPhone Labs’ lightweight, cloud-based platform is easy to use and simple to integrate. If you have a web-connected PC in your control room, you can deploy DialPlay TV tomorrow.

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